[simnor_accordion][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”user” heading=”Who can I contact for more information regarding BMES events?” onload=”closed” text=”Sign up for our listserv and join us on Facebook for the most up-to-date news on BMES events and opportunities! In addition, we occassionally send out news through general SEAS and BE listservs. For more specific information, contact us.”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”group” heading=”How can I get involved in BMES?” onload=”closed” text=”Go to our events! Throughout the semester we host a variety of social, professional development, and academic activities that will not only give you a better idea of what BMES does, but also allow you to meet other bioengineers at Penn. Also, be sure to stay posted for recruitment in the fall!”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”money” heading=”Where does BMES get funding for its events?” onload=”closed” text=”BMES events and programs are funded generously through the Bioengineering Department, as well as through ESAC (The Engineering Student Activities Council), SAC (The Student Activities Council), and other organizations on campus. The source of our funding may vary according to the audience and nature of the event we host.”][/simnor_accordion]