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BMES Board Applications are Open!

If you’re interested in promoting bioengineering to the Penn community and want to join a fun-loving board, fill out an application! Applications close Monday, September 7th. Interviews will be Friday, the 11th, and Saturday, the 12th.
Apply here.

BMES Guide to Finding Research at Penn

Want to get started with research at Penn? No idea where to start? BMES is here to help! With many years of experience and the advice of faculty and researches, we put together a guide to help you get your research career started.

Click here to download the guide (PDF)

BMES Mentoring Program

BMES is proud to offer a new opportunity for Bioengineering students in 2014. The BMES mentoring program will allow BE students to be matched with older BE mentors based on a variety of factors. Anyone can join, underclassmen can get upperclassmen mentors and upperclassmen can get graduate student mentors! For more information about joining the program (as a mentor or mentee), please email us at

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